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Celebrating the people keeping Britain moving

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You may be finding it difficult at the moment to focus on any topic other than Covid-19. Fallout from the virus permeates every corner of our personal and business lives and it feels like we’re feeling our way through a fog of gloom and despair. So in this post, we want to celebrate the people who are keeping this country moving.

Although there’s plenty of food in the supply chain, panic buying means that empty supermarket shelves are becoming a common sight. Thousands of workers across the country are working night and day to try and alleviate the extra demand by producing and delivering food to stores and delivery centres across the country.

Environment Secretary George Eustice has reassured MPs that there is “significant resilience in our food supply chain” and said “there isn’t a shortage of food, the challenge that we’ve had is getting food to shelves in time when people have been purchasing more.”

Today we’ve seen supermarkets stepping up their efforts to stop panic buying by restricting purchases across a wide range of products. Stores are keen to stress to shoppers that enough stock is being delivered every night, and are urging us all simply to purchase goods as we normally would.

In this post, we want to celebrate the farmers, dairies and food manufacturers, whether multi-national conglomerates or family firms, who make the foodstuffs we’re delivering every day. We want to say a huge big thank you to the couriers, haulage firms and individual drivers who are keeping this country moving. And it’s not just the workers – we want to send our love and appreciation to their families too, who are supporting their partners to do their jobs under a great deal of stress and pressure.

Things are normally pretty competitive in the transport industry, but we’ve noticed a new spirit of collaboration. Our colleagues and peers are being so kind and visibly supportive of each other as we all do our bit to keep this show on the road. Let’s keep things moving and we’ll get through this together.